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Mom and daughter at meeting with psychologist. Flat vector illustration. Mother and child sitting on sofa, discussing troubles with psychotherapist. Psychotherapy, support, help, relationship, family

Deciding Their Career or Guiding Them Towards Choices: How Important Is Parent’s Support in Child’s Career

Is it possible to conquer life’s challenges without the significant support of parents? As children, we are forever dependent on

Besides Academic Lessons, How Important Is Social and Emotional Learning

Apart from the need to learn apt academic lessons, and the right skills, understanding various aspects of emotional and social

student's counselling

How can student’s counselling and Profile Evaluation help achieve professional goals

When the base of a building is strong, the premise stands strong, lasting many decades. The work for a successful

93% of Indians are aware of just seven career options. What is the education system missing?

In a recent survey conducted for evaluating career-related knowledge amongst the youth, what has been found is actually very astonishing.