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Soft Skills Training: a Major Trend in Higher Education

The educational demands of the modern-day world are more interceptive of creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and impactful managerial skills. When

Should Remote Assessment Find Little Space in the Modern Education System?

Since covid hit the world, everything became remote. Home became office, the home’s study desks became schools, and every task

How Decoding College Admissions Can Help You Get the Right Academic Start

The phrase “all’s well that end’s well” cannot reduce the significance of a healthy and vigorous start.  There would be

Should you consider going for a dual degree?

Are you prepared for a little bit more commitment towards your career? Hold on! Let’s first know what and how!

How well is the reopening of colleges and universities processing post Covid19?

It was 2020 when the entire globe experienced a rumbling situation that wasn’t something usual. Several diseases and infections have

How does counselling sessions hold an integral purpose in the life of students trying to make the right career choice?

The minds and intellect of students are very fickle and influenced. Choices, especially academic and career-related, are very subjective. A

Tools to gauge the strength and weaknesses of your child

We are born with talent and flaws, which is why we all have the purpose of serving the world without