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International Education isn’t a ‘far from reality thing at The Scholars Calling. With us, there is no boundary limiting growth. We enable profile building of the students from standard nine or a little earlier in order to create a roadmap of activities targeting preparation for the international education journey thereon. 

Later, when it comes to admission into the right colleges and universities, we work to make it simpler and convenient for the student to achieve the goal significantly without anything hindering the process. We take precision in selecting the right university or college out of a personalised, curated list based on the choice. We follow through with the entire application process as well as arrange for the visa accordingly. In short, The Scholars Calling ensures that the end-to-end process of counselling, tests, selection, and admission is taken care of. This also includes the child’s progress and conducting parent counselling sessions where students get an opportunity to achieve what they cherish.

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Frequently asked questions

Overseas education promotes a direct experience of the real-world perception learnt in the international classroom. It further contributes to bringing exposure that helps gain a comprehensive mindset. It definitely works toward setting you apart from your local peers.

The international world has apt colleges for all kinds of courses. It has more variety than what you know if you look at it with a broader perspective. So, what you want to pursue is more important. Generally, students pick business economics, technology and medical courses.

If you have an international degree, you definitely have the edge over experience and exposure. You get to learn more because you choose to do something that isn’t common, and when you do uncommon things, you get the deserving appreciation.

Taking steps to do something new isn’t a cakewalk all the time. In your first year, you might face challenges because it would be completely new and different. But, at the same time, it is going to be an exciting and comprehensive learning experience.