Should Remote Assessment Find Little Space in the Modern Education System?

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Should Remote Assessment Find Little Space in the Modern Education System?

Since covid hit the world, everything became remote. Home became office, the home’s study desks became schools, and every task that required one to move out started being operated from within the home’s premises. Something like that was never imagined would become a reality, but it did! And, that makes up for life’s significant reality. 

Brief detail on covid’s remote education:

In 2020, when the virus finally spread across the globe, academics on all levels shifted to remote grounds and the playschool of a toddler to the elective lessons of a college student, everything started to operate remotely. Teachers started conducting classes online, and millions of students began to connect via the web. 

The learning method was very new, not just in India but in the entire globe. Thus, the beginning was a little challenging for everyone. Everyone was trying to adapt to the new learning method, which brought a lot of challenges for everyone who was a part of it. From accessing via the internet to tracking the internet connection, there were a lot of rifts in the process. However, the process became quite regular and used for everyone with time and intention. 

Now that the situation is under control and everything has started to revert to normal, schools and colleges have started to reopen, and students are returning to the gold-old learning method. 

Amidst all these, where does remote learning stand? Will the significance remain the same? Can it help the teaching-learning process in any way? 

The fact that there’s nothing better than live interaction when it comes to the learning method is viable. But, amidst all these, there are places where we can incorporate internet learning and make the process more comprehensive and advanced.

Here’s how the teaching-learning process can become better with online learning implementation.

Help students who could not make it to the class due to whatever reasons. This is how students can remain productive and experience an easy learning process.

Adding flexibility to the learning schedule:

Online classes can be recorded and kept for later understanding of the concept. This will make learning far more flexible than ever. 

Availability of resources:

Online learning provides easy access to various study materials that can be stored and used whenever required. These include important documents, files, e-books, and others. 

You can take out the good from every bad situation. Even in the worst of times, there is an element resting in favour; maybe that is the real reason behind what happens.

One significant thing the pandemic bought was an in-depth digitalisation in the world. 

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